Concepts and Tactics for Survival (CATS) "Training for Balanced Performance"

Concepts & Tactics for Survival
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Our Program

Program Goals

CATS, Inc. is fully committed to the following training goals established over a decade ago by CATS instructors:

  • First, conduct research and develop best practice tactics that are contemporary within the law enforcement community.

  • Second, establish skill set training evolutions that are realistic to high-risk situations and not focused on working in a “controlled environment.”

  • Third, allow the students to conduct self-evaluations of their skills and ability to successfully navigate through a high-risk scenario and be ready to provide alternative solutions if necessary. 

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this course the students will...

  • Demonstrate tactical skills in realistic practical exercises.

  • Demonstrate a high level of firearms proficiency in combat shooting drills.

  • Demonstrate mental and physical awareness necessary to respond to stimuli, such as instantaneous physical or mental threats perpetrated against themselves or other innocent persons.

Course Offerings and Costs

CATS Inc. currently offers several courses within the Safety and Survival training program.  Please click on the links below to see additional information about each individual course.

Note:  Attendee must provide their own weapons and ammunition for courses that includes Live-fire training

Course Title Course
Officer Safety and Survival 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Terrorism Survival Awareness 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Basic Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Observer/Sniper 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Basic Firearm Training 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Instructor Certification 40 Hours/5 Days Contact Us
Executive Protection 24 Hours/3 Days Contact Us
Advanced Tactical Firearms 24 Hours/3 Days Contact Us
Ballistic Shield Training 24 Hours/3 Days Contact Us

* Costs are reflective of training conducted at host site.  Additional discounts may apply for large groups.

ADDITIONAL COURSE TOPICS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  Please contact Concepts and Tactics for Survival (CATS) Inc. for additional information regarding class scheduling and cost breakdowns.


To register for any CATS course, please download the registration form and submit to the address or fax number specified.

Travel and Lodging Expenses

Cost of the training does not include travel, lodging or ground transportation for instructors. These expenses will be billed at the US government rate and/or the most cost effective rates (airfare, vehicle, etc.).

Payment Terms

A payment representing 50% of the total cost of the course must be paid 30 days in advance of training. The remaining 50% will be paid within fifteen (15) working days from the conclusion of training (to include travel/lodging and ground transportation).

Costs Associated for International Courses

Translating services (if required) must be arranged and paid for by the organization sponsoring the training. The assistance of governmental authorities in the country, where the training is being conducted, may be necessary to bring in paint guns and/or technical equipment to be utilized in the training.