Concepts and Tactics for Survival (CATS) "Training for Balanced Performance"

Concepts & Tactics for Survival
4605 Trilogy Park Trail
Hoschton, GA 30548
phone:  (540) 220-8930
fax:  (866) 615-2262

Course:  Basic Firearm Training


  • Five-day course.
  • A basic introduction to weapon nomenclature, mechanics of operation, loading and unloading, care and cleaning of weapon will be presented in this block of instruction.
  • Attendees will receive a marksmanship proficiency evaluation at the inception of the course.
  • Techniques designed to enhance the shooters skills utilizing live fire, disadvantaged shooing techniques and dry fire drills will be introduced throughout the course.
  • Instruction will be provided on the use of deadly force and the liability associated with the use of such force.
  • This course will identify the problems with shooting under low light conditions and the use of a flashlight.
  • Discussions on home safety issues will be presented.

(Attendees should have 1,000 rounds available )

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